Thank you for enquiring about storing with The National Will Archive. Below you will find below all the information and resources needed to add storage options for your clients to your company.

We have three storage options, Annual, Lifetime and We Store For You.

The first two enable you to store your clients’ documents on their behalf, charging them a fee if you wish, and the third enables your clients to store with us directly and out of the fee we collect from them we will pay a commission to you.

Below you will find a link to download our free storage information pack which contains everything you need to get started, including:

  • Partner Contract
  • Custody Registration Form
  • Price List
  • Terms and Conditions
  • We Store For You information

The Partner Contract will need to be completed and returned to us to enable you to store any documents with us. This can be sent to us either by email as a scanned document or by post. If posted it can be enclosed when you send your first documents to us for storage for ease.

A Custody Registration Form needs to be completed each time you send in documents for storage so we know what we have received.

The price list has all our current fees for our storage services, retrieval costs and additional services such as replacement certificates and retrieval cards, as well as scanned copies of documents.

All of our storage services are charged per client, meaning a set of Mirror Wills or a Single Will with any additional documents would be covered under the same fee. We do not offer “family storage” (even if they live at the same address).  All Payments are taken by Direct Debit, which can be set up by following the link below.

Learn more about our storage options below:

With our annual storage option you pay a small fee each year to keep the client’s documents in store for as long as needed.

For a single one-off fee, we will store the document for as long as needed.

For the We Store For You service, we provide a downloadable brochure detailing all the benefits of safe storage for you to give to your clients. There is also an application form which needs to be completed and returned along with their documents – the clients can do this themselves, or you can assist them with this if you would prefer.

On the application form, there is a section where you need to enter your details so we can pay you your commission. This commission will be paid annually until the documents are retrieved from our custody.

All storage options provide the client with a Certificate of Safe Custody with 2 retrieval cards inside which can be given to the executors, trustees or attorneys so they know who to contact when it’s time to retrieve the relevant documents. Additional cards can be purchased separately.

All documents stored with us undergo a validity check and are scanned and databased before being placed into the store. Additionally, all Wills are automatically registered with The National Will Register for further peace of mind.



You set up a Direct Debit with us using the link above which we will use to collect both annual and lifetime storage fees.


You can collect your own storage fees from your clients. These can be the same as our fees, or higher or lower, it’s entirely up to you as long as our fees are paid for the duration of the document being stored with us.


All three of our storage options can be provided directly to your clients. They can set up a Direct Debit with us and pay us directly if you prefer not to be involved. Please note that unless they opt for the We Store For You service, you will not earn any commissions for your clients storing with us directly – this is why this service was designed.