Register the location of a Will

If your executors cannot find your Will after you have died and there is no record of where it is stored then it may be treated as though you had no Will and defined rules (The Laws of Intestacy) will have effect over the distribution of your estate.

Executors, whether they be family, friends or professionals should make all the necessary checks to find your Will before distributing your estate. It is important to make the document as easy for your executors to find as possible so that they can do this according to your wishes.

The National Will Archive provides a registration service in partnership with The National Register. When you store your Will with us, we automatically upload the location of your Will to their database which currently has over 10 million records. If in future your executors are ever in doubt over the existence or last-known location of your Will, a Will Search can be conducted to help locate it.

To access this service, either contact your Will Writer and ask they store your Will with us, or contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

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