About Us

The Society of Will Writers (Services) Limited is part of the Society of Will Writers group of companies providing independent help, advice and support to both members of the will writing profession and their clients.

The Society of Will Writers, now in its 22nd year as the leading representative body, ensures as far as is possible that consumers receive the best service and value for money, as well as peace of mind when it comes to making their Will and the safe and secure storage of their documents.

A will accidently destroyed, through fire, flood or some other disaster is still valid, the problem is how do you prove that the Will existed and if you can, how can you show it to still be valid?

In 2010 the Society of Will Writers (Services) Limited, rebranded itself and created the trading name The National Will Archive, and now with almost 100,000 documents in store, today the National Will Archive is having to double its storage capacity simply to meet the demand for professional and safe storage.

This National Will Archive logo is used by members to inform their clients that their Will is in our safe custody: