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The National Will Archive have been storing over 100,000 legal documents for over 20 years.

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The National Will Archive has over 100,000 legal documents in our secure storage facility and even more on our database.

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Being able to locate your Will is the first job for your executors. Using a dedicated Will store like The National Will Archive makes the job much more simple.

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At what can be a very difficult time for close family and friends, we make Will retrieval very easy. Follow our simple retrieval procedure.

About The National Will Archive

The National Will Archive was formed in 2013 to offer a facility where wills can be registered & lost wills can be searched for. The National Will Archive is backed by The Society of Will Writers, the largest self regulatory body of will writers in the UK.

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A will is one of the most important documents you will have in your lifetime. Now you have taken the important step of writing your will you need to ensure your executors can locate it. You can register the location of your will with The National Will Archive for FREE or store it with us. Once registered you can update the details of your will at any time for no further cost.

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“Knowing where my Will is gives me the confidence that my wishes will be carried out when I’m no longer around. The team at The National Will Archive are very professional.”