Terms and Conditions

What we expect from you:

  1. The term ‘Will’ shall also include enduring and lasting power of attorney documents, advance directives and tenancy severance documentation and any associate documents.
  2. The National Will Archive hold personal data relating to Wills and other legal documents. The data is held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  3. Where information on the location of a document is requested, our storage team will require confirmation on details such as who you are, your position, relationship to the testator and address before we can confirm whether we hold any documents.
  4. Wills are stored on an annual basis and charged by direct debit.
  5. Wills or documents that are retrieved from our storage will be subject to a retrieval fee.
  6. Where you would like to retrieve property deeds, ask a member of our team for a quote. Deeds will be returned by courier or special delivery depending on the weight of the document.
  7. All deposits and retrievals must be accompanied by the relevant forms or letter of authority.
  8. Payment should be made in accordance with the terms on the invoice. You can make payment over the telephone, direct debit or by BACS.

What you should expect from us:

    1. We will scan all documents on receipt and before they leave our charge.
    2. The documents submitted for storage will be checked for validity, such as testator’s signature, date and witnesses, ensuring the witnesses are not named beneficiaries under the Will.
    3. LPAs will be checked for validity to ensure all the relevant sections have been completed correctly and that it has been executed in the correct manner.
    4. Where mistakes are found we will notify the Will Writer, Solicitor or client and if the documents need to be returned for changes this will be subject to our document retrieval fee.
    5. Where a company storing documents requests all Wills held in store against their reference to be returned, they should submit a request in writing and a member of the team will quote for the return of the documents. Once accepted payment is required and documents will be returned by courier and will need to be signed for.
    6. Where a member requests the retrieval of their Will bank from our safe custody, they must sign a declaration stating that they will be advising their clients about the new arrangements for storage of their Wills. This will include the location of the documents and any increased costs. The declaration shall also release the SWW from all future obligations relating to the storage of the documents.
    7. The National Will Archive registers the location of Wills in storage with Certainty the National Will Register as per our Privacy Policy.
    8. For information about how we handle and process your personal data please look at our Privacy Policy.
    9. The National Will Archive reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice and to amend prices annually.
    10. The National Will Archive is the trading name of The Society of Will Writers (Services) Ltd.